4 Earth Day Things to Add to Your After Breakup Registry

4 Earth Day Things to Add to Your After Breakup Registry

Nature's Healing Touch: 4 Earth Day Things to Add to Your After Breakup Registry

Four items to make moving on a more soothing experience


It may not seem like it in the moment, but there’s something super empowering about moving into your own place after a breakup.


It's a fresh start, a new beginning, and a chance to create a space that's completely your own. No more compromising on decor choices. No more arguments over whose turn it is to clean the bathroom. And no more tiptoeing around each other's schedules.


The freedom is invigorating and the sense of independence is energizing. It's just you, your stuff, and a whole new world of possibilities. And speaking of stuff, now’s the chance to fill your fresh and new living space with items that make you feel good.


So, let’s take a look at four must-haves to include in your post-breakup registry to fuel your spirit by bringing you closer to nature while adding a sense of fun!


After Divorce Comes Dehydration


Make every sip magical by livening up your drink with a littleDehydrated Fruit Cocktail Garnish. You’ll think you’ve been whisked away to a vineyard in the South of France.


Get Centered


Beautify your table with this Jaxon Centerpiece Basket. Fill it with your favorite fruits and flowers for an eye-catchingaddition to your dining room design.


Sleep Your Way To Healing


Feeling good starts with getting an amazing night’s rest. With the Hatch Restore smart sound machine alarm clock, let your stress and anxiety melt away with nature’s calming soundtrack of morning birds, light rain, and other soothing sounds.


Plant Seeds Of Change


Nothing heralds the excitement of new beginnings like growing your own plants. And with the Gardyn Sprout Nursery, watch as your own mini plant cubes, along with your self-confidence, begin to blossom!


Finding solace in your new space after a divorce or a breakup can feel like a monumental task. But there’s no better way to put the past behind you by adding elements that reflect the new peaceful life you want to create. And the registry from Dear John The Box can help you do just that!


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