Start an After Breakup Registry!

Start an After Breakup Registry!

If you’re a woman who’s starting over after heartbreak, I see you. — I was there. 🫶

This free registry was created just for you. 💖

What makes this registry AMAZING?

🌸 You can add your own affirmations or personal note to each item in your registry.

🌸Bring vision boards and bucket lists to life by shopping for items that match them!

🌸You can choose who sees your registry and contact information!

🌸You can browse tons of idea boards for move in essentials and inspiration!

🌸Practice communicating what you want and need; a super important step towards healing.

🌸Better your chance of gaining the support you need. Meet other ladies who are moving on with access to our private FB group for registry users.

You’re worthy of all of this and more!
Start your free registry NOW!

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