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Glow Through It Post-breakup Gift Set

Glow Through It Post-breakup Gift Set

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This amazing box set is the ideal gift for ladies going through a breakup, whether you're craving time alone or just need a girls' night in.

What’s Included: 2 of the following fantastic items! 

Signature Necklace and Ring Set and Matching Affirmations for Anxiety-Relief, Signature Coffee Mugs, Fun Retro Sunshades, In Abundance Citrus & Rose Candles, Lapcos Face Masks, Shower Affirmations for Friendship 

Inside, you'll find everything you need to make your night alone or with friends unforgettable. The signature rose necklace and ring set and matching affirmations will remind you that you are fabulous in moments you need it most. And if you're feeling a bit decision fatigued, the dinner and movie decider dice will help you choose what to watch and what to eat.

But that's not all! The box also comes with face masks for some relaxing self-care time, surprise coffee mugs perfect for sipping on hot coco while catching up on self-care or each other's lives. And the celebration continues with shower friendship affirmations to help keep your bond with those you love filled with positive energy.

So why wait? Order today and surprise yourself with an unforgettable night or day in! 


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