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Dinner and Movie Decider Dice

Dinner and Movie Decider Dice

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Using Decider Dice adds an element of spontaneity and surprise to solo dates and girls' night, ensuring that everyone gets a say in the evening's entertainment and culinary delights.

Each set comes with 2 dice, one with movie genre and another with food choices, along with how to prepare meals and savor the moment. 

How to Have a Fabulous Time With Your Decider Dice: 

  1. Setup:

    • Gather your friends for a fun girls' night in.
    • Prepare a set of Decider Dice, each labeled with movie genres and dinner options.
  2. Deciding Movies:

    • Roll the Decider Dice labeled with movie genres.
    • Each roll determines the movie genre for the night.
    • Have a diverse mix, such as comedy, romance, thriller, and drama.
  3. Exploring Movie Choices:

    • Create a list of movies within the chosen genre.
    • Use a streaming service or DVD collection to ensure accessibility.
  4. Choosing Dinner:

    • Roll a separate Decider Dice labeled with dinner options.
    • Options could include cuisines like Italian, Mexican, sushi, or comfort food.
  5. Ordering or Cooking:

    • Once the dinner type is selected, order from a local restaurant or plan to cook together.
    • Consider dietary preferences and ensure everyone is on board with the chosen cuisine.
  6. Creating Pairings:

    • Pair each movie genre with a complementary dinner style for a thematic experience.
    • For example, a romantic movie could go well with Italian cuisine.
  7. Bonus Round:

    • Add a bonus round with a dessert Decider Dice for a sweet ending to the night.
    • Include options like ice cream, chocolate, or a fruit-based treat.
  8. Movie Marathon Option:

    • If everyone is up for it, roll the Decider Dice multiple times to create a movie marathon night with different genres and dinner pairings.
  9. Enjoying the Night:

    • Sit back, relax, and enjoy the chosen movie and dinner combination.
    • Encourage discussion and laughter throughout the night.
  10. Planning Future Nights:

    • Rotate responsibilities for movie and dinner selections among friends.
    • Consider adding new categories to the Decider Dice for variety.


Photos by Janyl Ventura

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